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Semenjak dah ada ‘Google Custom Search’ memang senang kerja betul bila nak godek thread yang lama-lama. Bukan apa, kalau tak nak kena gi bukak browser lain, pastu klik sana sini, nak kena taip nama website yang nak info tu disearch dalam specific website sahaja. Saya sebenarnya nak carik semula thread singkatan/shortform yang selalu digunakan ketika berforum. Yang pernah dibincangkan di thread SI.


ABM= Artificial Baby Milk (aka Formula)
AF= Aunt Flo
AF= A Friend
APSL= Alahan Protein Susu Lembu
B= breast
BB= baby
BD= Baby’s Daddy
b/c= because
b/c= birth control
BF= Breastfeeding / breastfeed
BFIP= Breastfeed in Public
BIL= brother in law
BM= Breastmilk
BP= Breastpump
BTDT= Been there, Done that
BTW= by the way
C-section / C-sect= Caesarean section
CD= cloth diapers
CMPA= Cow Milk Protein Allergy
DC= Day Care
DCP= Day Care Provider
DD= disposible diapers
DD= Daisy Doodles brand (in CD world)
DD= Dear Daughter
DF= Direct feeding
DH= Dear (or Damn) Husband
Dispo= disposible diapers
DNC= dilation and curettage
DS= Dear Son
EBF= Exclusively Breastfed (In EP terms= Exclusive Breastmilk Feeding)
EBM= Expressed Breastmilk
EMM= Expressed Mother Milk
EP= exclusive pumping
Epi= Epidural
FF= Formula Fed
FIL= father in law
FM= formula milk
FS= Free Style (Medela)
FTR= For the Record
FTWM= Full time working mom
FWIW= For what it’s worth
FYA= for your attachment
FYI= for your information
HCP= Health Care Profession
HTH= Hope this helps!
IIRC= If I remember correctly
IOW= In other words
IME= In My Experience
IMHO= In My Humble Opinion
IMNSO= In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO= In My Opinion
IRL= In real life
ITA= I totally agree
JMO= Just my opinion
KWIM= Know what I mean?
LC= Lactation councelor/consultant
LDR= Let Down Reflex
LLL= La Leche League International
LO= Little One
LOL= laughing out loud (aka Laugh On-line)
LR= Labour room
MIL= mother in law
MLO= momslittleones
MM= Mommy’s Milk
OALD= Overactive Letdown
OH= Other Half
OT= Off Topic
OTOH= On The Other Hand
Paci= Pacifier
Paed= paediatrician
PIL= parents in law
PIS= Pump In Style (Medela)
PISA= Pump In Style® Advanced (Medela)
PnS= Pump In Style (Medela)
PPV= Positive Pumping Vibes (a Pumping Moms list specialty!)
PY= Purely Yours
ROFL= Rolling On the Floor Laughing
RVS= Respiratory Sincitial Virus
SAHD= Stay at Home Dad
SAHM= stay at home mom
SI= susu ibu
SIL= sister in law
SN= staff nurse
SNS= Supplemental Nursing System
S3= Spectra 3
TIA= Thanks In Advance
VBAC= Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
WAH= Work at Home
WAHM= work at home mom
WOH= Work Out of the Home
WM= Working Mom
WTF= what the F**k
WTH-what the heck!
= grin
= very big grin

* Ingat nak letak kat sidebar blog ni sebagai rujukan. Daku kadang-kadang pun lupa gak!