Our preparation for upcoming WBW 2012@MOH

For several days, i’ve been juggling with this work and tempahan menjahit. Both are my passion, chewahh! When you have the passion inside, walau se-tertekan mana sekali pun, you are able to do it successfully, right? Chewah lagi..
Actually hari ini singgah ke ofis Susuibu.com untuk menyiapkan presentation booth pameran under MBfPC bagi sambutan Minggu Penyusuan Susu Ibu Sedunia 2012 peringkat kementerian di MOH, Putrajaya pada 2 Ogos ini, hahh? khamis ni, arghhh…
Saya belum pun siapkan lagi ala-ala Scrap Book for each group. Actually why are these groups? Because this are the group yang digerakkan oleh rakan PC MBfPC after they all completed the training back then, this the output. Seperti mana yang kekangan yang kita semua ada, kita tidak mampu  untuk menjadi penggerak didalam segala-gala. We empower our PC’s to move on their own and at the same support whatever that we can at our capacity…
Ok guys, there’s a lot work to be done. Will be back keep you guys posted with the outcome of our presentation during the event nanti. Tata!
#Hambek, akak skipping..kasi feel-kasi feel#


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